A foundation of outreach

Outreach is fundamental to the Evangelical Covenant Church. Despite meager resources, the Swedish immigrants who founded the denomination in 1885 were determined to live their Christian faith in the streets as well as in the pews. They created the Home of Mercy in Chicago. The all-purpose refuge housed a hospital on the first floor, a home for the aged on the second and an orphanage on the third.

Those ministries continue to this day, reflected in one, full-service, acute care hospital; a family of retirement communities; and a wide range of services for children and families.

Perhaps more importantly, those ministries established the service imperative that remains the foundation of our strategy. Over the years, we transformed our ministries to respond to changing times. We expanded our services. We responded to the new demands of society. Yet at the core, our goal is simple. We strive to bring love, comfort and healing to God's family—to follow the Lord's great commandment to serve.

Our Mission

The Evangelical Covenant Church has extended its hand in ministry since 1885.

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